soy lecithin estrogen

Neosporin contains soy, magnesium stearate, a pill filler is made from soy. Cows eat GM Roundup-ready maize and they also suffer gut problems.

This study did not look at lecithin specifically. Remember, soy isn’t the only source of phytoestrogens we’re exposed to.
  • Read up on human data that is undeniable and does not have other variables/factors at play (ex: The China Study). Dietary soy lecithin supplementation is most strongly connected with … Luckily, you can derive all the benefits of phosphatidylcholine supplementation just by increasing your consumption of choline-rich foods like egg yolks and liver. (16) For instance, one study found that after 2 months of supplementing with 500mg of soy lecithin per day, total cholesterol levels fell by 42% and LDL levels decreased by 56%. The amounts taken in on a normal diet even of unhealthy food is small comparatively speaking. We provide sources to our claims and periodically update our content as new research develops. [5]. Rita. I made RICE WITHOUT SALT, WITHOUT OIL. Arthritis causes the stiffening of joints and … Further, it could interact with the drug Diclofenac and serum cortisol levels. CHECK YOUTUBE VIDEOs. Skin rashes. I changed from a sunflower lecithin supplement to a soy lecithin version, to avoid intestinal pain and pressure.