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The Maya priest hold the person and cut his skin and grab the heart and hold it up for the gods. The pre-Columbian codices differ from European codices in that they are largely pictorial; they were not meant to symbolize spoken or written narratives. Luis's Answer; Florentine Codex Primary source:Author Unknown , 16 century's. In 1519 Hernan Cortés sailed from Cuba, landed in Mexico and made his way to the Aztec capital. Belize.comBelize-Maya As stated above, the gods in the Aztec religion represented different aspects of life and the world for the Aztec people. Aztec Religion. The Aztec religion incorporated deities from multiple cultures into its pantheon. ... Durán probably spoke Nahuatl as well and is generally considered a primary source of … The practice of this religion revolved around the Aztec calendar which had various festivals, rituals and sacrifices. These codices provide some of the best primary sources for Aztec culture. ... Accounts by the Tlaxcaltecas, the primary enemy of the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish Conquest, show that at least some of them considered it an honor to be sacrificed. AZTEC GODS Aztec Gods Religion was extremely important in Aztec life. Religion was such an integral part of the Aztec way of life that it cannot be considered entirely apart from the Aztec concept of history. The Aztecs worshipped many gods and goddesses, and the number increased as more and more cities and tribes were forced to pay tribute to the Aztecs. Religion was incredibly important to the the Aztecs. Aztec Religion was in essence a combination of astronomy and cosmology. Here are some facts about Aztec religion. Aztec codices are books written by pre-Columbian and colonial-era Aztecs. Human sacrifice also served another purpose in the expanding Aztec empire of the 15th and 16th century: intimidation. Introduction to the Source. Additionally, it has useful links to other sites devoted to the indigenous populations of New Spain. Miguel Leon Portilla, a Mexican anthropologist, gathered accounts by the Aztecs, some of which were written shortly after the conquest. They worshipped hundreds of gods and goddesses, each of whom ruled one or more human activities or as aspects of nature e.g. Early pictorial and written sources of Aztec history. Huge importance was given to the Sun, Moon and Venus by the Aztec people. However, many Colonial codices in the Aztec or mixed Mixtec-Aztec style of the Borgia Codex, a major source for Mesoamerican religion, are also pre-Hispanic in content. sun, rain. The section on “Library Research—Aztec Codices” was especially useful in putting together this annotated bibliography of primary sources. Tenochtitlan (the most important Aztec city) was introduced to gods from all over the Aztec world. The aspects that the gods represented included: culture of Aztec society and Mesoamerica, nature and the natural world, creation stories, fertility, food, death and the underworld, trade and excess or entertainment. The Maya Belize secondary source: Retrieved from: www.

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